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4 Words You Should Never Say in Your Life

Life is tough. Nobody can deny it. Everyone must strive for life, including you. Even you are rich, smart, or majestic, I bet you’ll never say life is easy.

Many people grumble for their lame journey. The old man regrets why he didn’t struggle harder. Others said they don’t have luck. Some blame their past.  No, no! That’s not the way we life. Blaming the past is not your life style. You must have vigorous life. No matter how bad your day or how big your problem, you must keep walking. Continue Reading →

love me tender

If You Think Valentine Day is a Day of Love, Read This and Recheck Your Thought

Every year we celebrate valentine day. Sometimes, we call February as a month of love. Especially on February 14th, the day to for sharing your love, people said.

Boy sends his girlfriend a shaft of flower then girl kisses him. A man gives a kitchen-gift for his wife and she hugs him. Parents give expected-gift for each of their children and children thank them so much. Students give an unexpected gift to their lecturer but he never wants giving them an A+. :D Continue Reading →

better day

Want a Better Day? Do These Steps Every Morning

I know what you want every day. You want better day than your lame yesterday, don’t you? You are not alone. You, me, and all of people in over the world want and need better day.

In one of his popular song, Andy Williams said, “May each day in your life be a good day.” It’s a prayer for you and me. Thanks to him for the inspiring song.

I don’t know what did happen with you yesterday. Perhaps yesterday your boss showed his funky face to you. Or perhaps you got an E in your assignment. Maybe your enchanting spouse dislikes what you did yesterday. There are many other reasons which make you really need a better day. Continue Reading →

stop crime, be safe

Top 5 Free Android Apps to Protect You From Crime

Do you feel safe every day in your life? I hope so.

But, you must know this: nothing is safe in your life.

Everything can be happened unpredictable. Just like Arthur Conan Doyle said, “The world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes.”  Yep, you’ll never know what will happen with you tomorrow, next week or next year.

You don’t know what other people want to do with you. You don’t know if somebody will rob, hit or eat your happy life. Remember! Crime is always around you, whoever and wherever you are. Are you ready for that? Be aware!

“So, if nothing is safe, what should I do?”

Don’t be afraid! Life is full of challenge, right? To grapple challenges, you must prepare. Then, be ready for everything. Prepare yourself to prevent and protect your beloved family from cruelty of life black hole.

How? Continue Reading →